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Always Hawthorn…

January 31, 2012

“My legends membership is worth more than 8 years of general admission membership.” – Bins, a one year member of the Collingwood Football Club which was bought after the club won the 2010 premiership.  Talk about bandwagon supporters.

Jose El Amarillo is attempting to restart his blogging career for the fifth time.

I will not make any promises that this blog will be updated more than once this year.  However just like an old veteran sportsman on the verge of retirement, I will treat each post as my last.

This year has already bought a few sporting delights to this guy:

– An old Hawthorn Football Club jumper, which was brilliantly rescued by the crew at In the Mood for Noodles.

– A new Hawthorn slogan, “Always Hawthorn”.  I’ve already ordered the personalised stubby holder and tea mug offered by the club with the words “Jose is Always Hawthorn”

– A proper mini basketball ring for the Jose Palace

– A new NBA season, where the Chicago Bulls are destined to win.  I have missed Derrick a lot.  I fear that I might end up like Robert De Niro’s character in the movie “The Fan“.

Always Hawthorn

– New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.  Finally, the team goes through to it’s first Super Bowl since losing against the Giants in 2008 (David Tyree’s catch off his helmet still haunts me).  The day of the Super Bowl has become a religious holiday for me and it becomes even more great with the presence of Tom Brady.  Beat those Giants.  The food festivities for the day will include Buffalo Wings and Pork Ribs, with the beer supplied by Sierra Nevada.

I’ve discovered that wearing basketball shorts is extremely comfortable.  Now I need a pair of D-Rose 2.5.

Bet of the Week:

It’s Super Bowl time and with both teams playing great defense in the postseason, this should be a fairly close game.  Expect the Patriots to win by a field goal (odds: 4/1)

2012 Stats:

– Sierra Nevada Pale Ales consumed – 3

– Pork Ribs consumed – 2

– Bets Placed – 6

– Bets Won – 4

– Bet Amount Won – $110