I’m not naming my child Jimmer

“Dumb loses more games than smart wins.” – Bob Knight, legendary NCAA basketball coach

Extraordinary ending to the Butler (8th seed) vs Pitt (1st seed) game in the 2nd round of NCAA tournament.  I had a vested interest in the game, so I got up to watch up in the morning (i.e. I had fifty bucks on Butler to win).  As I expected, it was a close game, and unlike many of these college games in this tournament, it turned out to be quality.  Except for the last 2 seconds of the game.  After Butler hit the lead with 2 seconds to go, I thought I was going to win 200 hundred bucks but no, a smart player did a stupid play.  When you have money on a game, the thought of losing can be quite crippling at times.  I remember when I had money on the draw between Australia and New Zealand in a football match last year.  I put the money on at half-time, and thought it was in the bag heading into injury time.  And what do you know, Brett Holman scored with the last kick of the game.  From then on, we referred to being screwed over as being Holmaned!  So on the Butler game, the smart player fouled the Pitt player and sent him to the free-throw line which essentially allow them to win or tie the game with 1.4 seconds left.  So there was my fifty, gone.  The Pitt player made his first free throw, and with two hands on the monitor, in which i was ready to throw through the window, the Pitt player missed his second free-throw.  But then, for some explicable reason, I didn’t get Holmaned.  Another Pitt player fouled a Butler player while trying to grab a rebound on the missed free-throw.  That Butler player went to free-throw line and scored the winning points.  I win!

The VPL season is almost starting, and I’m ready to line my stomach with cervapis and hot dogs.

And to my ”I’m not to be blamed for your gambling problem, but here is my best sports bet of the week”…

Apologies for the last bet, New York stuck it out better than I thought.  And Miami are shit.  Never bet on a team you hate.

NCAA Basketball Sweet 16 – I’m sticking with Butler at 2.50 against Wisconsin.  Just because I’m a sucker for having near heart-attacks (their last two wins have come off in the last two seconds of the game), and they got enough mettle (they made the final last year) to beat this Wisconsin team and making it to the Elite 8.


Number of bets placed: 1

Number of bets won: 0

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