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This is first (and quite possibly the last) post about the life and times of myself and the upcoming football leagues around Victoria.  I’ve made a committment along with my fellow sidekick, Kip Riptide, to watch as many football games, whether it is the Victorian Premier League, Division 2 or the Christian League.  There are a few reasons why this could be my final post:

  • A very bad gourmet hot dog
  • Wearing a Serbian jersey at a Croatian aligned club
  • Hurling abuse at a linesman
  • And getting myself lost in the Western Suburbs

Along with commentary on the game, I’ll be also be keeping tally on the number of hot dogs and beers consumed, along with any subsequent attacks of diahorrea that may fall upon me.  Now on the with the first game!

Richmond SC vs Northcote City

Sunday, 28th of February 2010 at Kevin Bartlett Reserve

It was about six months ago when I was in Altona watching supposedly my mate’s final game.  Fingers, my mate, had long-lived in the shadows of Steve Horvat, and never ever gave up on his dream in representing the Socceroos.  But when you have a broken body and heading towards the wrong side of thirty, you eventually have to give up.  So there he was, helping Altona City defeat Westgate by 7 goals.  I thought it would be a laugh to watch Fingers troll around the ground with the younger kids.  But he was easily holding his own, and was even rewarded with a goal (although this is debatable, I didn’t think he touched the ball at all).  But what captivated me the most about the day (besides that maniac of a car attendant chasing us around the car park demanding money), was watching a game without the frills of an MCG or Etihad Stadium.  I didn’t half to fork out dollars for a mid-strength beer, an extremely horrible hot dog and atmosphere that can be so annoying at times.  Here I was, drinking full-strength beer (VB, best cold beer ever), a tasty cervapi and enjoying the entertaining surroundings.  I found enjoyment in watching a fat kid try to outrun the last defender, being mesmerized by his manboobs and watching him fail miserably.  I couldn’t help but laugh at his misery.

So now I was on my way to meet up with Kip at the Kevin Bartlett Reserve in Richmond.  I get a bit lost getting to the ground, what with the road not being on Google Maps (tip to getting to this ground, you see the GE building, you walk straight down the private road towards the building).  It’s the first round of the Victorian Premier League, so there is a bit of buzz around the ground where Richmond plays host to the newly promoted Northcote City.  I catch up with Kip, and we start to admire the pitch.  It’s what all football pitches should look like, green and smooth.  I was thinking how much Melbourne Victory would have appreciated this surface after playing on Etihad a couple of weeks ago where the ground was destroyed by the AC/DC gig.  The game starts a frantic pace, with Northcote City dominating possession.  Northcote’s captain, who was playing up front, was struggling to finish off the good work that his team was providing.  Thirty minutes of pressure from Northcote was undone with a foul outside the box at Richmond’s goal.  Richmond scored with an impressive free kick.  I start to kick myself thinking that the quality of these matches would be poor.  My stomach begins to rumble, and gave the nod to Kip to test out the food provided by the Richmond Soccer Club.  We were not disappointed with the hot dogs.  A tad pricey for what it was ($6.50), but nevertheless, it was went down a treat along with the five dollar VB.  The club is of German descent, so I was hoping for a German lager of some sort.  But no, just the standard CUB beers.

Back to the second half, and Richmond scores with a decent counter attack.  They have clearly dominated the first 20 minutes, and looked like it was cruising to victory.  But the boys in white began to tire and Northcote came back again.  Northcote got a deserved penalty in which they scored.  From then on, it was all Northcote City.  With their supporters chanting ‘Northcote’ (which was quite weak), they had two great opportunities in which their impotent strikers could not convert.  And just like that, the game was over.  The score was 2-1, in favor of Richmond with Northcote rueing a missed opportunity.

Game Summary:

Notable attendees – John van’t Schip (Melbourne Hearts manager)

Number of Hot Dogs consumed – 1

Number of beers consumed – 2

Food Poisoning – Negative

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  1. Kristy Says:

    I’m the first commenter yay! Love the name of your blog.

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